Incredibly, Bently begins testing Bacalar Roadster in just nine months, taking the concept from a sketch to a reality in a relatively short time frame. To determine how well the first-of-its-kind car drivers, specialist engineers are now putting it through its paces. The testing phrase for the new Bently design is expected to last for just as short a time period as the time it took to create the model. 

A bespoke driving experience 

While the Bentley Bacalar’s design is based on the design of the Continental GT, every aspect of the new model has been modified to offer a truly custom driving experience. When driving the car, the driver will notice that every aspect of the experience is completely unique to the model. 

In order to make the Bentley Bacalar, Bentley developers had to create over 750 new parts for the vehicle. This included 40 new parts that were built from carbon fiber; the new model’s design shares no body panels with any other model in the company’s vehicle range. Each newly created part had to meet the same high safety standards as all other standard parts used by Bentley for other production models. 

Designed and created in record time

Bentley begins testing Bacalar Roadster in record time after the design and creation were performed at warp speed. The team who worked on developing the project were given 20 weeks to create and build the first prototype, known as ‘car zero’. Testing for this prototype began in early 2020; it has already been tested to triple limit speeds and put through a wind tunnel. It’s been found to be stable and safe to drive. 

The next step is for the team to put the model on the road and see how its design holds up over time, over a high number of miles. It will then be tested in conditions up to 176 degrees, followed by having its electrical system validated. 

A powerful drive 

The new Bentley Bacalar is undoubtedly a powerful drive thanks to its twin-turbocharged 6.0-liter W12 engine, which boasts 650 horsepower and 667 pound-feet of torque.