Ferrari is a luxury brand that is not known as being a leader in electric vehicles, but is that all about to change? According to recent reports, stemming from Car Magazine, a Ferrari electric crossover is on the way in a few years. As well as there being a Ferrari electric crossover vehicle coming, there are also claims that there is an SUV vehicle coming from Ferrari too.

Changes Coming to Ferrari

Ferrari has been reluctant to get involved in the electric vehicle market, as well as a reluctance to create SUVs, so are the claims to be believed? Ferrari’s first SUV, the Purosangue, has been revealed and is on the way. Team that with the fact that the company will be getting a new CEO, some other changes that might not have happened before could definitely be on the cards. 

Expected Release Dates

According to the claims from Car Magazine, there are two Ferrari electric crossover vehicles coming. The first is set to be released around 2024, if the rumors are to be believed, with the second Ferrari electric crossover to be released in 2026. While these are definitely rough estimates, they could be a good guideline to follow. There are very few details around the specifications of the vehicles, but with it rumored to have an output of over six-hundred horsepower, there is plenty of power. 

If the claims are true, then there is a lot to look forward to. No doubt there will be a range of crossover and SUV-style vehicles on the way from Ferrari before the decade is up.