When you need a vehicle repair, you generally have two choices when purchasing parts: you can either opt for OEM parts or aftermarket and salvaged parts.

OEM Parts

OEM stands for Original Equipment Manufacturer, and this means that these parts are made directly by your vehicle’s manufacturer, rather than a third-party manufacturer. 

OEM parts, as they are created by the manufacturer, fit the specifications of your vehicle’s specific make and model. They have been designed exactly for your car, and this means that they are going to fit your car perfectly without any modifications being needed.

If you decide to go for OEM parts, you are going to have more assurance that you are getting the best possible parts. You will also receive a warranty should there be any defects. As a consequence, you are going to end up paying a bit more if you go down this route. 

If you do not use OEM parts, some insurance companies will not pay out, so it is vital to keep this in mind.

Aftermarket Parts

The other option is to go for aftermarket parts. These are parts that have been manufactured by a business other than your vehicle’s manufacturer. They can be created at a high volume and they are made to fit a number of different vehicles, rather than a specific make and model. 

Salvaged Parts

Finally, you have salvaged parts. These are parts that come from vehicles that have been sold to repair shops, ensuring they fit the same make and model of the damaged car. They are in used condition, yet they have been tested to ensure quality.