Buying used car parts is a great way to save money on what could be costly repairs. This guide to buying used car parts will help you avoid scammers and get a good deal. 


It helps if you have the VIN number of the vehicle so that you can identify information about the car ahead of arrival. You will know the engine size, the model, make, and transmission. There are VIN decoders that you can use to help with this. 


When you don’t have your car in front of you, you might buy a part too light or too dark. Take a photo of your car panel close up without flash and in the daylight. This will help you when you have the parts in front of you. 

Online Shopping

You might think that you shouldn’t buy car parts online. However, you can take your time to find the right part and compare all of the prices. This is also the ideal way to shop if you don’t have much free time to get to a salvage yard paying auto parts online can save a lot of time. 


Always make sure that you have a warranty with any of the car parts that you buy. Before you buy any parts it is important that you ask the seller how long the warranty is on the parts. 


Don’t be tempted to buy counterfeit products, or be fooled by knock off parts. You will likely be able to tell if a part is faulty or that there are typos or misshapen letters. However, some are very high standard counterfeits. Only buy parts from a reputable dealer.