If you’re a Bentley owner, you know you’re driving a piece of history. But do you know the story behind these amazing cars? This article will share the important things you should know. If you’re seeking top quality Bentley brakes, rotors, suspensions or other Bentley parts, call or email us today!

The prestige of the Bentley brand cannot be questioned. Their dedication to excellence shines through in everything they do. 

Bentley was founded by W.O. Bentley in 1919. His designs included an innovative engine design with four valves per cylinder. It was the first of its kind and was designed by Clive Gallop.

Their design was solid and earned a reputation for durability. Early races included wins in hill climbs as well as races at Brooklands.

In 1922, the first Bentley raced at the Indianapolis 500. Although not projected to race well, it finished an impressive 13th! Bentley thrived from the 1970’s through the 1990’s when Volkswagen purchased the business 

That same year, Captain Wolf Barnato began funding the company’s growth. His support helped the company rise to great acclaim. As you may already know, James Bond was originally a driver of the famous “Blower Bentley” model. 

However during the Great Depression Bentley struggled and were acquired by Rolls Royce in the 1930’s. With their leadership, the brand produced many great vehicles until 1970 when Vickers bought the brand from Rolls Royce.

With Volkswagen leading production W.O. Bentley’s mission to “Build a fast car, a good car, the best in it’s class” has lived on. 

Their luxury sedans and Bentley GT super cars continue to thrill enthusiasts and sell for top dollar around the world. 

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