Lots of car magazines have done a Maserati Levante Review but some of them are long-winded. This short, sharp, and to-the-point Maserati Levante Review will give you all the relevant information and none of the tassel.

It’s A Modern SUV

It's a mid-size crossover, with distinctly Ferrari roots. So expect a sleek design, marvelous curves, and plenty of aerodynamic efficiencies. It's an SUV, so it provides ample room for passengers and plenty of room in the trunk for bags and suitcases.

Does It Have Power?

Yes, and plenty of it. It has a twin-turbo engine is straight from the Ferrari factory, with a few tweaks to make it a little tamer. Its 3.0-liter V6 produces about 424bhp, thrusting it to 60mph in just 5 seconds. 

Give Me Luxury

With pleasure, as the Levante has seats are a mix of silk and leather. Incredibly soft, durable, and crucially, they breathe so you don’t stick to them on a hot day. The wheel is trimmed with real wood and hand-stitched leather. The faux-sued headliner is smooth to the touch and all the buttons are made of stainless steel.

What’s It Like To Drive?

As you might expect from a fine Italian thoroughbred, it effortlessly gallops across the road. It's smooth and soft when you want it to be but can turn into a cold-blooded machine whenever you ask. The paddle shifters allow for easy manual-mode driving when you want to overtake the highway.

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