Are you a Maserati owner or enthusiast looking for the Maserati replacement parts like brake pads, suspensions, or rotors? The below article will outline the history of this incredible company. It’s always good to know where your vehicle came!

Maserati was founded by brothers of the Maserati family in Bologna, Italy. On December 1st, 1914, Mario, Alfieri, Ettore, and Ernesto came together to manifest their vision in reality.  

Their dream was to design and build high performance race cars. But, did you know they got their start with a far simpler and more profitable part: the spark plug!

Hard to believe when you see their iconic logo adorning the front of their gorgeous cars. 

Speaking of logos, it was the brother Mario that designed it. He drew inspiration from the Fountain of Neptune. He then brought in the red and blue colors of the Bologna flag.

In 1926, they launched their first race car, the Tipo 26! It ran with a supercharged 120 HP engine.

After the Tip 26, Maserati earned significant fame with their V4. It had 16 cylinders and clocked 154 MPH! A record it held for an incredible eight straight years!

But the good times soon found tragedy when Alfieri died in 1932. At this point the younger brother Bindo joined the company. They later sold to Adolfo Orsi and relocated to Modena. The brother would stay closely connected though. And soon, they would win the Indy 500 in both 1939 and 1940. 

World War II would derail production for many years. When production restarted, they shifted to road cars. This move would become a wise one. Their iconic design now circle the globe!

When the war ended, the company shifted its focus back to designing and producing cars. But in a daring move, it decided to look beyond the world of racing. Maserati expanded to create sports cars and gran turismos, instead of focusing so heavily on just race cars. The first car launched after the war was the GT car known as the A6 500. It was also the first road car designed by the company.

Maserati has gone through many changes over the years. They’ve relocated, transitioned from race to road cars, and been bought and sold multiple times. But throughout, they kept their focus on quality and enjoy an incredible reputation.

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