Rolls Royce’s are known around the world as the premier luxury car. Their quality, design, and elegance can never be questioned. Naturally, these cars fetch a premium to own one of their magnificent designs. 

If you’re an owner you need to keep your vehicle in peak condition. But you shouldn’t be gouged on aftermarket Rolls Royce brakes, rotors, suspensions or other parts. Call Alpine Performance for more details!

The history of Rolls Royce began in 1907. Over the last 100+ years, they have consistently produced iconic sedans, coupes, and now SUV’s. 

Celebrities, icons, and athletes all enjoy their luxury and prestige.

Their lineup includes the incredible Ghost sedan, Dawn convertible, and Wraith coupe.

All models are adorned by the Spirit of Ecstasy ornament. She’s perched above the iconic Rolls Royce emblem. Her arms point backwards to resemble the wings of an angel. 

In true Rolls Royce fashion she comes in polished stainless steel, frosted crystal, or with 24 carat gold plating. 

Down to the finest details, Rolls Royce has the absolute best features. Their vehicles offer class, comfort, and relaxation with premier suspension and handling systems. 

Even though the Rolls Royce brand has been around for over a century, there are still problems to be seen in the Rolls Royce Ghost models, but nothing that can’t be solved.

In 2010 and 2011, Rolls Royce had a series of turbocharger problems. The Ghost is also known for having issues with its air suspension. These parts can run up $3,000 each from the dealership.

That said, Rolls Royce does offer an excellent warranty package. It runs for 4 years with unlimited mileage, covers all oil changes, fluid inspections, spark plugs, labor and more. 

However if you vehicle is out of warranty, call us today before going to the dealership!