Cars are one of the things you can own that depreciate the fastest. If you have a luxury car like a Bentley, there may come a time when you want to sell it. However, will you be able to get very much for it? Cars can depreciate quickly, but there are some things that you can do in order to help get the best Bentley resale value possible. 

  • Replace and keep fluids topped up: A Bentley is like any car, in that it runs off a variety of different fluids to work at its optimum performance. In order to get the best possible resale value for it, these need to be replaced and topped up regularly as it means that they are clean, and there isn’t too much of them, nor too little.

  • Replace the air filter Regularly: the air filter on a Bentley helps to keep the dirt and dust from the road away from your engine. If the air filter is blocked or dirty, then it won’t be working as it should, and it will mean that it is time to replace it. To get the best resale value, you don’t want a potential buyer to notice any reductions in the power of the engine or issues with fuel efficiency.

  • Look for a reliable dealer: Using us at Alpine Performance can help you to get the best possible price for selling on your Bentley. We buy, sell, and trade used Bentley parts, and for a car that has been looked after well, we could be able to help. Get in touch with us today to see how we can help.