There are some similarities between LED and halogen lights. However, the way they function and the results they create vary. 

To determine the difference between LED and halogen headlights, and decipher which ones are better for your Lamborghini, the below comparison can help.

Halogen Headlights

Halogen lights are valued for their extreme brightness and durability. The lighting components consist of a tungsten filament and incandescent light in a bulb. 

To activate the halogen headlights, electricity zaps through the filament and creates heat along the way. Which, in turn, triggers the bright light you'll find glowing from the front of your Lamborghini. 

LED Headlights

On the other hand, LED lights create less heat than halogen bulbs and are 90% more efficient. Plus, the bonus is, LED bulbs are much smaller, which means there's more leeway for manufacturers to create some incredible headlight designs.

LED Headlights, much like Halogen bulbs, are powered by an electric current. However, instead, the power passes through a semiconductor to spur the LED light into action. 

Without the need to accumulate heat to light up the LED bulbs, you won't need to worry about them burning out on your Lamborghini. But, the downside of LED's is that they will inevitably become dimmer over time. 

Halogen headlights were once incredibly popular. But now it's easy to see why LED lights have taken the spotlight. Their spritely appearance, ability to last longer, and less energy use, make them a desirable all-rounder for Lamborghini owners to enhance their car's headlights.