To avoid being stung by a series of Ferrari services and repair costs from purchasing a car that's in need of fixing. This post will help you identify some of the critical aspects to look out for when shopping for a used Ferrari.

Engine Compression

Before you sign the papers for a used Ferrari, check whether a Ferrari services technician has examined the engine compression. Preferably a technician that has extensive experience assessing the model you want to buy. After all, each Ferrari's engine and mechanical issues are different. 

Oil and Fluid Leaks 

Before driving the Ferrari, if it's been sitting in the same position for a little while, look underneath to see if there are any drips. If not, move the car forward a few meters to check the ground for any oil and fluid patches or trails. If you find any coming from the vehicle, this issue  will be costly to fix.

Clutch Life 

While test driving used Ferraris, be sure to check over the clutch to try and estimate how much life it has left. The clutch should slip into each gear without difficulty, and the bite on the clutch pedal shouldn't be too high. Plus, the Ferrari should gain momentum and speed with ease while changing gears. 

Service Records

Lastly, check the Ferraris documentation to understand its history, how well it's been looked after, and check if any similar issues keep reoccurring. 

If the Ferrari passes the checks above, you're likely to avoid expensive Ferrari services costs and can instead enjoy your excellent investment!